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Director's Message

Anjan Pr. Gogoi

NEIMS, A Group of Colleges situated in Jorhat, the knowledge city of North Eastern region of India. NEIMS College of Teacher’s Education is the premium part of the group. It is the most respected centre for teacher’s education. This is largely been attributed to our specific focus on the quality education and training. NEIMS has focused on creating and providing quality teaching professionals for the teacher’s profession. Today, NEIMS college of education has taken several steps in its pursuit of excellence. Some of the specific steps taken during the last couple of years are: Recruitment of new faculty, improving the content delivery methodologies, high quality teaching staff, and modernization of IT infrastructure. We, the management and staff of NEIMS, believe that the best way to grow is to move forward and initiate changes to achieve its goal. I on behalf of the NEIMS family extend you an invitation to become the part of the success!

Anjan Pratim Gogoi

Managing Director